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DJI Drone Lessons
Learn to Fly
Like a Pro from a Pro!

Finally, your first DJI Drone!


You have been anticipating awesome aerial views, going on vacation for sweeping cinematic shots, posting to your friends, and filming your children’s soccer game. How Exciting!


There is nothing like the adrenaline rush and childlike excitement than flying a DJI drone!


There is nothing more gut-wrenching and depressing than watching your brand-new DJI drone tumble down a tree falling to the ground in pieces on your first day out!


That is surely NOT the awesome video you were hoping for…..


Take One on One DJI drone lesson from a Pro.


With hundreds of hours on the sticks,

107 holder and commercial DJI Drone pilot.

Let me get you started.

I will teach you the basic skills needed

to fly your DJI Drone “safely and confidently”.


We will go over the basics of the DJI Go app. Getting you familiar with DJI Go App’s, “need to know” items, like how to calibrate your IMU, compass, camera, and flight settings. In addition, with time permitting,

The DJI App's awesome automated features.


You will learn in 2 hours how to safely fly your drone, how to practice DJI drone flying more confidently, safety first items, and the do's and don'ts to avoid making those rookie mistakes that will end with having 312UAV repairing your new drone.


Classes are one on one for approximately two hours.

No classroom, this is all hands-on, in-the-field instruction!


Just you, me, and your drone.


You will need your DJI drone, fully charged controller and it is recommended to have at least 3 fully charged batteries.

I have additional batteries for some models we can use if needed, but in the end, you will need a minimum total of three batteries anyway if you are flying a DJI drone.

(Most DJI batteries only last about 15min under real-world conditions).


Lessons are $60 per hr, for approximately 2 hours, and are held at an AMA drone authorized field in Schaumburg Il.

Ready to Learn?

Lets gather a little information!

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